You and your baby can begin our program as soon as feel ready to come and join us. We have had babies taking their first swim when they were only four weeks old. Even the smallest babies can be relaxed in one of our warm pools. The sooner you start swimming lessons for your baby the better their understanding and confidence in the water will be.

Your baby’s first course is a wonderful, gentle introduction to water sensations. We will teach you how to be comfortable and confident holding, moving, floating and playing with your baby in the pool. Teaching you skills at a pace that is comfortable and confidence building for you and your baby, your teacher will adjust each lesson for each baby attending the class.

Our specialised and progressive program focus on reading each baby’s cues to ensure that babies are active and happy in everything that we do in the pool together. Our facial expressions are very important, as the way babies learn best is by observation and imitation, watching other people and trying to copy them.

Your teacher will gently introduce your baby to underwater  controlled submersions, showing you how to smoothly guide your baby under the water, practicing back floating and giving your baby lots of praise!

Every Baby Sharks teacher is highly qualified in teaching swimming, with a STA Baby and Preschool nationally recognized qualification, DBS checked, very experienced and trained to understand how babies communicate, how best to support babies’ learning and the importance of early attachment.

Baby Sharks lessons, with adults in the water, are in a group of maximum 10 pairs per lesson and this encourages babies to interact with and learn from others as they participate in the swimming and contrasting activities. Each lesson duration is 30 minutes and we will try to allocate babies of similar age in the same group.

Using ‘My Swimming Journey’ is the perfect way to track your baby’s progress with 4 Certificates awarded as they pass the levels. Your baby will start with Level 1 Starfish, followed by Level 2 Turtle, Level 3 Ray Fish to finish with Level 4 Shark. These are an excellent keepsake to treasure and are the equivalent to Discovery Ducklings and Ducklings Awards from Swim England, that can also be purchased from your teacher.

Upon completion of the journal, your child will be ready to start after school swimming lessons from Stage 1 of the national governing body Swim England. We can also advise you the closest location where you can find ‘Swim Sharks’ lessons that start from Stage 1 to Stage 7 or the possibility to join the best local club for your children to continue their swimming journey.

Swimming is one of the most rewarding sports and activities in life and no doubt it will help your baby to learn many other positive skills, building a strong foundation in their learning processes.

Baby Sharks program is been carefully tailored to all your needs and aspirations as a parent or carer and aims to make babies happy, confident, safe and secure for many years to come.